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Bosch Tassimo Caddy T70 Multi Image 2Bosch Tassimo Caddy T70, Majestic White with its innovative INTELLIBREW system, the TASSIMO CADDY perfectly brews over 40 specialties of hot drinks from a variety of your favourite brands (see more at From Carte Noire and Costa, to Cadbury and Mika, the TASSIMO CADDY has the technology to cater for a wide variety of tastes. The Bosch Tassimo Caddy T70, Majestic White also comes with two capsule holders that hold up to 16 capsules each, meaning that T DISCS can be easily, and conveniently stored for immediate use. For further ease of use, the TASSIMO CADDY heats up instantly and can brew your favourite hot drink at the touch of a button with its fully automatic one control operation. Cleaning the Bosch Tassimo Caddy T70, Majestic White is made easy with its included service T DISC. The T DISC includes the relevant barcode that lets you know when the machine needs to be cleaned. When it’s time to clean, the intelligent service T DISC performs an automatic descaling program. With its sleek design, the TASSIMO CADDY fits stylishly in your home, and creates delicious drinks for you and your guests in no time at all.

Box Contains
1 x Pack of descaling tablets (4 tablets for 2 descaling processes) / 1 x capsules holders included (each hold up to 16 capsules per capsule holder)

Bosch Tassimo Multi-Beverage Machine
Keep your Options Open
Say hello to the tidy one the Tassimo Caddy. Machine keeps the T DISCs for your early-morning coffee, midday tea or after-dinner espresso right where they belong neatly stored and organised next to your machine.

Delivered with two holders, each offering space for up to 16 capsules, you can add a maximum of eight to store up to 128 T DISCs in total. Just select the drink of your choice, place it in the machine, push the start button and enjoy variety at your fingertips.

Easy drink preparation: Fully automatic drink preparation with a press of a button
Easily accessible and fillable water tank: Removable water tank with a capacity of 1.2 L
Fits nearly all cup sizes: Easily adjustable and removable cup stand
Easy cleaning: Automatic cleaning and descaling program, plus dishwasher proof parts
No heat up time after switch-on: Ready to start your drink instantly
Low energy consumption: Standby mode engaged after every brew cycle

Easy Drink Preparation
Preparing delicious hot drinks can be so easy. Your Tassimo makes it so easy and with little effort required, to prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks. Simply insert a T Disc and start the fully automatic preparation using the practical one button operation. That is how easily you and your loved ones can indulge yourselves with specialities from Tassimo and enjoy life.

Easily Accessible and Fillable Water Tank
The practical water tank is easy to remove. You can fill it up straight from the tap. The tank holds up to 0.8 L of water.

Suitable for All Cups
The flexible cup stand is height-adjustable and can be removed completely, meaning that it has easily enough space for all cups, glasses and mugs.

Easy Cleaning
When you purchase your Tassimo, you will also receive the service T Disc. The service T Disc includes the appropriate barcode that is required to clean the brewing system and perform the automatic descaling program. It lets you know when your machine needs to be descaled.

Start Time
Thanks to the flow-through heater, the Tassimo does not take a long time to heat up and you can prepare your first hot drink immediately. Water does not have to be heated up between different drinks, either. Prepare delicious hot drink specialities for yourself, your family and friends in no time at all.

Low Energy Usage
For added efficiency, the Tassimo Suny automatically switches to stand-by mode after every brew cycle to save energy.

Caddy design has plenty of room for more storage holders: Fit up to eight holders to your machine to add extra capacity for your favourite T Discs.

Included with the Caddy are two T Disc storage holders so you can easily store your T Discs close to hand.

Ready to enjoy: Each holder can store up to 16 T Discs so you can keep your ideal selection neatly and ready for you to select whenever you’re making a drink.

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  • Perfect drink quality thanks to INTELLIBREW
  • Great variety with a choice of over 40 drinks from famous brands
  • Cup stand can hold up to 32 TASSIMO capsules at once
  • Fully automatic drink preparation with the touch of a button
  • No heat up time after switch on

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