The Vintage Kitchen Island Plans

The kitchen island plans of each home has a different style. What about the kitchen of your house? For those of you who love vintage style, here are some ideas that you can consider. Modern style kitchen may have been a lot made, but the vintage-style kitchen is not too much made.

Vintage Furniture for Kitchen Island Plans

Farmhouse style kitchen becomes unique style in the United States and Europe. This style can be called vintage style which can be an inspiration. Kitchen style that resembles a barn and animal enclosures are always very close meaning to the countryside. Kitchen style like that always makes calm. First, the selection of furniture such as chairs and tables should be made of wood instead of plastic or metal. Wood painted with shades of light brown and dark brown. Kitchen items must be dominated by the brown color because brown is the color of the wooden base that became a symbol of vintage style.

Bring Yesterday to Today

If you want to use modern concept is not a problem. However, the concept of vintage is rarely used except in homes that have been built since ancient times. Countryliving the website presents a variety of ideas for kitchen and mention belgium 1800s style became a trend vintage kitchen.

Italian Style of Kitchen Countertops

Italian style of kitchen countertops has its own characteristics. Italy style using marble and granite countertops for the top layer. This makes the table may look shiny and clean. The materials used are fine granite and marble, onyx, Silestone, Hanstone, Q-Stone, porcelain, concrete, limestone, soapstone, Caesarstone and fossil stone. These materials become the typical Italian style.

The quality of Italian Style of Kitchen Countertops

Italian style has a good quality. So many vendors selling the best quality countertops promising. By using a style that is close to the impression italy rocks, tables to be strong and not easily destroyed by heat conductivity which is often in the kitchen. The heat is delivered by means of the newly appointed kitchen from the stove and put on the table by reflex will not be a problem when using this stone countertops.

Tulungagung’s Marble For Indonesian

Rock style very easily created in Indonesia because Indonesia also has abundant stone quarry. One of them is Tulungagung in East Java which has a large marble quarry. Marble from Tulungagung also used for the manufacture of the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta that was already assured good quality. Manufacture of countertops of marble Tulungagung can becomes style of its own in house Indonesian if they want to reflect on countertops Italian style.

Rustic Style Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchen designs can be used as an option for the fans of vacation. Most people also love to cook outside and give the impression like cooking on a picnic. Rustic style one. Rustic style can be an inspiration for those who want to get the feel of a vacation to grandma’s house when cooking.

Brown color of Outdoor Kitchen Designs

The brown color should dominate in the choice of furniture and kitchen tools. Rustic style very close to nature so that the color brown or natural wood color to the color that is often used. Tables and chairs is already dominated by the color brown. The thing to do is keep making it appear natural. Brown paint is not necessary. Simply use durable goods and furnish so that the sides does not hurt people.

Barbeque Party Rustic Style

Who does not love a barbecue? Maybe this is not the culture that comes from Indonesian. However, barbecues seems to have gradually becomes trend in this country. Barbecues done outside the home with outdoor kitchen. If the house using a rustic style as described above, the barbecue will be very rustic. Although not being on vacation, the house would still feels like a vacation.

Colorful Kitchen Wall Colors To Be Unique

Cooking with kitchen wall colors colorful? Who’s afraid ? Cooking with colors around us can make cooking more enjoyable passion. Cooking becomes like to play that do not require heavy thinking. Colors preferred by children may be an option in choosing the paint kitchen so kids in the house was happy to accompany us to cook there.

Red and Green for Kitchen Wall Colors

Red and green are two colors that collide. However, this two-color has its own characteristics when put together. Yes, the two colors are reminiscent of the feel of Christmas. Green Christmas trees and red hat santa clause making cool sight when looking at the two colors are combined. Selection of kitchen wall color with red and green will make the kitchen feel like a holiday when Christmas.

Cute Goodies

We can only provide amusing trinkets for kitchen walled green and red. For example, the band taped at some point in the kitchen and on the walls. Another example is deliberately put interesting mini Christmas tree in the corner of the room so that kitchen really be impressed as Christmas Eve. Children and families will make the kitchen as the gathering of close relatives shades of night so the kitchen will becomes warm and full of longing.

Wood Shades Of Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets seems to be a certain satisfaction to families which have a luxurious feel. The color of a dark red furniture is usually chosen by noble families old era. Cherry also has an impression as the sexy fruit. Kitchen with the sexy feel? Who would not?

Friend Furniture For Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry color for furniture would have to be combined with other furniture the can make kitchen not memorable dull. Preferably kitchen is filled with other furniture like a flower in a vase placed on several sides. Preferred interest was better not flowers in red because it can give the impression of death to kitchen. Green or yellow flowers can be an worth option to considering.

Scent of Fruit

The fruit scent of in the kitchen can be served to give the impression that the kitchen really like cherry. Children and guests will love it. Especially if the selected fruit aromas are aromas of fruits that are red like cherry, apple, pomegranate, mangosteen, strawberry, etc. By replacing the scent weekly will make the feel of kitchen was different. The kitchen will feel more comfortable and enjoyable especially for fans of fruits. Come on, start creating kitchen nuanced cherry fruit.

Creating Art with Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Buying unfinished kitchen cabinets is not harmful. Some people are like finished Kitchen Cabinets but some people choose to buy Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets. Although when purchased is not as attractive as that was finished, we can make our own creations using unfinished one.

Unfinished kitchen cabinets With Batik

Batik is a typical pattern of Indonesia. We as part of Indonesia should be proud to have a style that is a dream of a foreign public. By purchasing unfinished kitchen cabinets we can dye our own kitchen cabinets with batik patterns so that the kitchen cabinet will look more artisik. It is very rare and even possibly no one has tried it. Turning on the kitchen with motifs that is close to our life can be an inspiration home to create a new atmosphere in the house.

Courage in the Artsy

Everyone should have the courage in artful. For example in making the house into an artistic impression. Experiments election batik art for the kitchen is a fresh idea that people should dare to try it. Antimainstream things that sometimes make others become more inspired. One way is to try kitchen cabinet nuances of batik as a sign we love the culture of this country.