The Inspiration of Mosaic Table Ideas

Mosaic table will add more beautiful life to any decor. The mosaic style is best to give your room the more elegant style behind the room theme. The first thing that you may need in decorating it is finding the table to create mosaic. Actually, it can be very easy. You may look for the old table that you have already have. The chipped paint and scratches in it is not really a problem as long as it is still solid. Nevertheless, if you do not have any old table, you may find one in the garage sale.

Choosing The Paint Color for Mosaic Table

When you already have the table in your hand, then you may think to paint or stain it. Painting or staining the table is better to do before giving the mosaic in it. When it comes to the painting color, you should choose the color which blend well with the mosaic. For example, the muted table color is best with the bright mosaic color.

The Mosaic Design in Your Table

Now, it is time to design your mosaic. The mosaic design can be anything. The mosaic from the broken pieces is very nice. You may decorate the representation of human picture, fruits, animals, or such a geometric design that you like.