Simple, yet Fascinating Thing about Reupholster Dining Chair

Reupholster dining chair is a good way to let go the worn to feel the wow. Okay, you can simply purchase a brand new dining chair, but you know what? Reupholstering your dining chair can be a good thing to make your dining chair more personal. In fact, to reupholster your dining chair, you have two available options, one, you can simply ask the upholsterer to reupholster your dining chair, or you can do a simple do-it-yourself project. Either way is good. However, if you choose the first choice, you can stop reading this and go to find some upholsterer recommendations, but, in case you pick the last one, be sure to read till the end.

Fabric and Other Things You Need to Reupholster Dining Chair

Even though it is okay to use kind of expensive fabric to do your reupholster project for dining chair, but you know what, even by using kind of used fabric you can achieve a beautiful reupholstered dining chair. Anyway, if you look for kind of alternative fabric for your reupholstering project, then rug, quilt, handmade textile, vintage cloth and vintage textile are some fabrics you need to consider. So, if have one of those, rather than purchase a brand new fabric, taking advantage for the existed one can be something to consider. Then, to start the project, be sure you have these following; both staple gun and staples, screw driver, cardboard, and foam.

How to Reupholster the Dining Chair

Reupholster your dining chair, in fact, is not a daunting task. Don’t believe it? Here are some ways you need to apply for reupholstering your dining chair. First, using the screw driver, remove the seat part of your chair. Second, take cardboard to shape a chair seat. Third, take your foam then mimic the chair seat using the cardboard. Fourth, spray adhesive on one side of your seat to glue the foam. Fifth, do measurement of the fabric that you need, then start to apply it on the seat. Staple it properly then reattach it to the chair.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets for Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are the things that make the contemporary kitchens look contemporary. Something with sleek and clean design is something common you find from a typical kitchen cabinet with contemporary style. Therefore, if you expect something with decorative or ornamentation feature for your kitchen cabinet, then contemporary style is not for you. Since, contemporary-styled kitchen cabinet less in ornamentation, minimalist is a typical mood you may sense from this kind of kitchen cabinet, that’s why this one seems popular for those who have a typical petite kitchen. You know, that sleek, simple, and less ornate feature can deliver airy feel for a small kitchen.

Typical Material that Constructs Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of contemporary-styled kitchen cabinet, then you can’t simply ignore the material that builds this one. Solid wood is a less common material for contemporary-styled kitchen cabinet instead, man-made material like glass, plastic, concrete, and metal are very popular. But, the consequence of the minimalist and clean look somehow can bring such coolness toward your kitchen. That’s why combining your contemporary-styled kitchen material with something like wood veneer or some can smooth that coolness atmosphere. Oh, if you want to, a recycled material can be another alternative material choice to consider.

Color for Contemporary-styled Kitchen Cabinet

Another pivotal thing to consider when it comes to this kind of kitchen cabinet beside its material is the selection of color. Monochromatic color is very popular to accentuate contemporary feel to the kitchen cabinet. But still, if you want to make its appearance looks more inviting, splashing bold color as accented color can be a good idea. Nevertheless, even though color and material are two important things when it comes to contemporary-styled kitchen cabinet, but the thing that defines contemporary is its design. You should know that, the color and material stay futile if you fail to interpret contemporary design.

The Inspirations of Back Porch Designs

Back porch designs have developed both in terms of function and decoration. For you who live in the city and only have a limited area, you simply build a minimalist porch. If there is no space left in the front of your house, you can build it in the backyard. Moreover, you have to understand the fact that designing the minimalist porch is not an easy job. It is not only the concept and design that must be considered, but also the aesthetics and all the details in the decoration. To avoid mistakes in planning, you should be wise in looking for references. At least, you need to pay attention to three basic points in building a minimalist porch.

The Considerations for Back Porch Designs

The first is about the design of poles on the porch. To support the beauty of the decor, choose the pole in matching shapes and colors to the entire porch design. Generally, minimalist porch has a rectangular design. The second is about the strength of poles. When you decide to add them as part of the construction, you already have to make sure the poles are strong enough since they will be used to support the load of the building. Furthermore, the third is the material selection. Basically, porch construction can be built from cement, wood or iron. Before you decide what material to use, you must take into account the concept of the house as a whole.

Flooring Decoration for Porch

Since the porch is part of the exterior design, you can use a different flooring material to the interior space. Choose the materials that are resistant to weather changes, sunlight and moisture. The best recommended material for the exterior space is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is not only affordable, but it also has a lot of variety in designs, patterns and colors. It would be better if you choose dark or pastels colors to bring the natural, simple and soothing effects.

Modifications for Front Porch Designs

Front porch designs are not much different to the back porch. However, since it is built on the front of the house, you should pay more attention to the aesthetics point. Most people assume that having front porch is a must. Besides being used as relaxing place, it also can be used to entertain your guests. The fresh outdoor atmosphere will surely give a pleasant sensation for your guests. The most important thing in building exterior space is the good selection of building materials both for flooring and the walls. Choose solid materials that are not slippery as the front porch is very prone to rain.

Front Porch Designs with Garden

The aesthetic value of porch will increase if you combine it with garden. The idea is actually the most common concept that has been adopted by millions of people. It does not matter as long as you can create the unique and different decorations to other home construction. Before deciding on the details of construction, you have to define the concept and theme to your outdoor living. If you want to combine the natural elements with modern concepts, choose the minimalist garden idea. You can ask the help of architects and decorators to realize your idea. To confirm the simplicity, do not place too large furnishings and ornaments as this will make your porch looks narrow.

Choose the Right Furniture for Porch

Meanwhile, if you have a large area to the front porch, you can express a variety of creations to improve the aesthetics. For example, combine the matching patterns and color between the furnishings and materials. Spacious space also allows you to put different variations of living plants such as flowers and ornamental plants. In addition, the layout, design and model of the furniture sets like tables and chairs porch also need to consider. Select the most strategic position, especially for the lighting.

How to Make Your Own Rug

Make your own rug based on your creativity and abilities. In fact, there are a lot of ideas in creating DIY rug. Develop your ideas by using the items around you. You do not need to buy expensive item and accesories since DIY rug can be designed from the simple and inexpensive materials. As a first step, you can find references to get the the easiest concept. Remember that you can get inspiration from many sources ranging from magazines, the internet to those closest to you.

Make Your Own Rug for Bedroom

For you who are interested to take advantage of used goods, you can design a rug with patchwork as the base material. It is an easy and inexpensive idea to fill your spare time. Besides patchwork, other materials needed are flannel, scissors and a sewing machine. Please follow the instructions and the following steps. First, take your used shirt with a variety of colors that you want. The more colors you choose, it will look more attractive. Cut the shirt band to make it a square shape, and then cut the shirt into a rectangle shape consistently. After the cut, roll the patchwork material into a single shape.

The Further Steps in Making DIY Rugs

Second, braid the patchwork material by combining the colors that you like. The model of braids can be adjusted to your taste and imagination. Third, after all materials are neatly braided, it is time to prepare the braids to be sewn and assembled into a rug. You are free to determine the pattern and flow of stitching that suit your ideas. Use the sewing machine to attach the braid with the other. Sew the patchwork outskirts slowly so it neatly arranged. Now you have got the rug that you want. It is very easy and simple, is not it?