Getting Warmer with the Wood Mantel

Wood mantel is the additional furniture where we need a space near the fireplace. Here, using the mantel, we can have this fireplace with a nice space to put some things to be displayed on it. The mantel has also a function to give more about appearance to the room. Yes, designed with a particular appearance, this will be good for being a decoration inside the room.

Placing the Wood Mantel on the Fireplace

In case of using the mantel which is made of wooden material, we can have it by installing this decoration up on the fire place. Here, we need to have a thing like a wooden block to be the stuff that the mantel installed. Nailing the mantel onto the wooden block that attached on the fireplace wall will be good for the mantel that this can be easily fall.

Mantel for Your Fireplace Enhancement

In case of having the fireplace inside the house, we can have it in better appearance. Here, using the mantel, the fireplace will have better look. We can also put some displaying items which can be the decoration items for the room. Want to have warmer condition? We can have the mantel with some candles on it that can add warmer with the fireplace.