Black Bedroom Furniture: The Wardrobe

Black bedroom furniture is the furniture that placed in the bed in black color themed. Black color is considered as dark color and it’ll blend well with contrast colors such as white, red, and other bright colors. It’ very common to find black colored furniture such as black wardrobe, black bed frame, black desk and others in the bedroom.

Black Bedroom Furniturein Wooden Wardrobe

As mentioned before, black colored furniture is very common design especially for the wardrobe. For wooden wardrobe, it’s really great to be polished and then painted in black color to get certain look such as bold or elegant look. Black color can create many kinds of look such as elegant look, vintage look, classic look, and many more. Wardrobe is one of the important furniture in the bedroom and you can’t miss the well-designed wardrobe, right?

Glass in Black Themed Furniture

For black wardrobe, having all black themed can be a good option as long as we get another element such as glass on certain part of the wardrobe so that the black wardrobe didn’t look too dark. Or you can have the black wardrobe with mirror. That’ll be a great design of the black wardrobe.

Bedroom Storage Bench

Bedroom storage bench is the upgrade remodeling or bench so that we can get storage under the bench. The basic model of this furniture is the long bench with or without cushion that we can easily found in the store. But then, some designers get hutch-like bench instead of the full wood bench so that we’ll get empty inside the hutch. That empty space will then become storage under the bench

Bedroom Storage Bench Basic Model

Usually, the bench that made from hutch-like was covered by cloth and cushion on top of the hutch. In that way, people will think that the bench is just like regular bench. And then, there’ll be connector so we can pull up the cushion and open the storage. You can put books or other small things that you will need frequently when you sit on the bench.

Storage Bench Design Ideas

Just like the regular bench, storage bench has many designs such as the classis design with one tone theme or strip patterns bench. There’s also the modern design with ethnic design and others. There’s also the full made wooden storage bench without cushion that you can use as the bench in your bedroom. Well, the choice is yours then.

Rustic Style of Log Bedroom Furniture

Log bedroom furniture is the furniture that made from log. Log is part of the large branch or trunk of tree that has been cut off. Log based furniture has more unique look and more rustic than the regular wooden furniture that made from big branch that has been cut well. For log, it’s more like uneven cut or raw cut that make the look of the natural wood came out.

Log Bedroom Furniture: The Bed

The main furniture of bedroom, the bed, is usually made from woods. But is that possible to make it from log? Well, it’s definitely possible. In fact, many designers have been made unique bed from logs that stacked to form platform of the bed as well as other frame in the bed’s frame. The result is unique and rustic style of bed

Natural Look from Log Furniture

Since the main reason of using the log is to keep the natural wood look, the log bed or other furniture will be polished only to make the log shiny. Many designers refuse to paint the log furniture because the rustic style from the natural log will be covered by the paint and we lost the essential of having it in log form in the first place.

Queen Size Master Bedroom Ideas

Master bedroom ideas are the ideas of having master bedroom in certain model. Master bedroom is the main bedroom in the house. Usually, the parent’s bedroom will be the master bedroom in the house. And master bedroom usually has the most spacious room and the biggest sized bed compare to other bedrooms. That’s why many master bedrooms are using queen size bed.

Master Bedroom Ideasfeaturing Queen Size Bed

Queen size bed is the big size bed with typical of fluffy bed or comforter. This is actually the second larger bed after the king size bed. Many people consider having the queen size bed because it’s affordable and not-too-big. The important thing is that you can use it for two people and they can still get space when sleeping on queen size bed. In other words, you can still rolling over the bed even when you are not alone. That sounds fun, right?

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Just like other bedrooms, master bedroom can be in all kinds of designs. But, since the master bedroom is usually the parent’s bedroom, the luxury theme or the classic theme is very popular for the master bedroom. There’ll be a lot of decorations and furniture too inside the master bedroom.

Pink Themed Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teen girl bedroom ideas are the ideas about the theme for the teen girl’s bedroom. Teen is the period where the little girls in process to transform into women. And that’s definitely not an easy period for both teen girls and parents. Parents need to help their teen girls to adjust with the changing, including the changing that may happen in the bedroom design and decorations.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideasfeaturing Pink Color

Pink color is one of the most popular colors for girls. But when the girls became women, they may change the color for the wall in their bedroom in more natural or minimalist style. For teen girls, it’ll be too much to let them use minimalist design when they used to have pink themed bedroom. You can reassure your teen girls that it’s okay to have pink themed bedroom. But if the pink wall has kind of Barbie wallpaper or something like that, then it’s better to pull it off and change it into plain pink color.

Decorate Teen Girl Bedroom

Since the wall is in plain pink color, you can let your teen girl decorate her room with things they like including dolls. Just let her have her favorite items. After a while, your teen girl will learn herself about things that okay to kept and things that too childish.