Bedroom Wall Decor with Wallpaper

Bedroom wall decor is the decoration that used to decorate the bedroom’s wall. There are many ways that can be used to decorate the wall such as paint the wall with certain design, hanging paintings, install wallpaper, and so on. But this time, we’ll talk about decorating the wall with wallpaper.

Choose the Wallpaper Type for Bedroom Wall Decor

Before you choose the design of the wallpaper for your bedroom’s wall, you need to choose the kind of wallpaper that will suits your wall. There are many types of wallpaper start with the common wallpaper with activated glue, wallpaper with adhere system, and many more. Each type of wallpaper has good and bad points and you should choose one that will be easy to install on your wall and not dirtying your wall.

Choose the Wallpaper Design for Bedroom Wall

After you’ve decided the type of wallpaper for your bedroom’s wall, you can choose the design of the wallpaper. There are so many designs of the wallpaper and you need to choose the one that suits your style and also your budget. You need to also think about the wide of the wall and counts how many rolls of wallpaper that you need.

Things You Usually Found in Platform Bedroom Sets

Platform bedroom sets are the sets of the typical platform bedroom that used in many houses. The platform bedroom usually has medium size so it’ll be spacious for single person and it’s fit for two people. The platform under the bed can be used as common platform or additional storage. That’s really good idea, right?

Platform Bedroom Setswith Drawers

As mentioned before, the platform can be used as the common platform to support the bed or it can be used as additionalstorage. Since the platform is usually flat and not too high, many designers add the drawers that can be pull out from the platform. That’s kind of cool, right? You can put socks, underwear, books, ties, and other small things in it. You can save some spaces on your wall or your closet in this way. That sounds like a good plan, right?

The Regular Low Platform under the Bed

The regular type of platform under the bed is the flat-like platform and it’s usually quite lower. In some big sized platform beds, the designer purposely make the platform as low as possible and let the big bed dominating in general so that you can hardly notice the platform under the bed.

Canopy Bedroom Sets for Kids

Canopy bedroom sets are sets of bedroom with the canopy on top of it. Canopy is the ornamental cloth that usually hung in certain frame that covering the bed or throne. For adults, this kind of bed is probably quite handy because of the canopy. But that’s not the case for kids, especially little girls. They’ll feel like sleeping in princess’s bed with the canopy

Popular Designs of Canopy Bedroom Sets

The popular canopy is the fairy themed canopy such as the pumpkin ride-like frame canopy or the fluffy princess bed-like canopy. The main point is the canopy frame that will form special shape. This typical canopy usually has pink or white color with flower patterns and ribbon in many parts of the canopy.

The Regular Rectangular Shaped Canopy

Even though kids are really into fairy tale design, it doesn’t mean that the regular rectangular shaped canopy is not popular. In fact, many kids are actually using this kind of canopy because it’s cheaper and easy to get. As long as the cloth that hung on the frame has great design, the kids will be all right. The cloth design should be so great so that kids will forget about the rectangular shape of its canopy.

White Bedroom Set in White Themed Bedroom

White bedroom set is the set of white themed bed with the pillows, blanket, and cover that sell in stores. It’s very common to buy the bedroom set instead of separate bed, pillows, and all. The advantage of the set is that you can get the same design for all the items in that set.

White Bedroom Set for Your Bedroom

If you have white themed bedroom already, is that a bad idea for having set of bedroom in the same white theme? Well, the answer is no.It’s okay to have it. In fact, the all-white color in your bedroom somehow will look great as long as you get decorations in other bright colors such as pink, yellow, or blue color.

Decorate the White Themed Bedroom

As mentioned before, all white color of bed, wall, and ceiling is actually great to get a clean and neat look. But it’ll be too plain without decorations. Some dolls on the bed or colorful books in the shelves will create big impact in case of color combination for white themed bedroom. You don’t have to be extreme about the contrast color to make the room life, just make sure that you get some stuff in another color.

Warm and Cozy Bedroom Comforter Sets

Bedroom comforter sets are sets of the comforter that we can find on many bedrooms. Comforter is the thick version of blanket. It’s usually used when the weather turns cold or when we simply want warm feeling. Set of bedroom comforter means the bed with comforter in the same style and we buy them as one. In this article, we’ll talk about two popular styles of comforter,

Bedroom Comforter Setsin Fluffy Style

There are some styles that you will find in comforter. And the first one should be the fluffy type. This is the typical of comforter with many additional cloths attached on the comforter and makes it looks like the gown of wedding dress. It’s really fluffy, warm, and stands out. But that’s only the outer part; the inner part is just so soft and smooth.

Comforter Set in Minimalist Design

This is the popular style of comforter; the minimalist comforter. This kind of comforter is usually has neutral colors such as white, grey, or brown color. Sometimes the minimalist comforter has simple pattern such as strips pattern or plaid patterns. Adults are really like this kind of design and modern themed bedroom will look great with this comforter bed in it.

Cute Kids Bedroom Furniture

Kids bedroom furniture is the furniture in bedroom that especially made for kids. The basic thing that makes regular furniture and kid’s furniture is the size. In kid’s furniture, we get the small size bed, small size vanity, and many more. Another thing that is definitely different is the cute design that you can find in all over bedroom furniture for kids.

Kids bedroom furniture in Princess Theme

Bed should be the main furniture in the bedroom. And in kid’s furniture, we’ll get the small size bed in special design. You will find pumpkin ride-model of bed, small truck-model of bed, and so on. For little girls, there is nothing better than princess like bed with canopy, ribbons, flowers, and other things that you can see in cartoon. There are many bed as well as other bedroom furniture in this princess theme that you can find in the store.

Kids Furniture in Adventure Theme

For little boys, treehouse-like bed, truck-frame bed, Lego designed bed, and many more are the best bed for them. Those beds are indeed cute and cool. And they’re like showing the adventure theme, especially loft bed with empty space under the bed that will excite little boys to play in their bedroom.